Decades of experience pursuing, justice, truth, and compensation for victims and survivors of sexual abuse

Mitchell Garabedian is an attorney specializing in sexual abuse cases. He has become an internationally recognized advocate on the topic. Mitchell Garabedian began practicing law in 1979 and focused his practice on helping individuals in cases involving personal injury, divorce, immigration, bankruptcy, and criminal matters. He became widely known and respected for his representation of victims and survivors of Roman Catholic Church clergy sexual abuse in the 1990s and 2000s. To date, the firm has represented more than 1000 victims and survivors of clergy sexual abuse. Most of the victims and survivors he has represented have been from Massachusetts, but with appropriate local counsel, he has represented victims and survivors throughout the United States, as well as victims and survivors from other countries.

History of obtaining results for victims and survivors

In 2002 Mitchell Garabedian obtained a $10,000,000 settlement for 86 Father Geoghan victims or survivors. In 2003 Mitchell Garabedian representing 120 victims and survivors of over 40 different priests, along with lawyers representing other victims and survivors of abuse, obtained an $85,000,000 settlement with the Archdiocese of Boston. Since 2003, the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian has continued to obtain millions of dollars in settlements for victims and survivors.

Holding sexual abusers, their supervisors, and the organizations they work for accountable

The attorneys of the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian are sensitive to the horrible suffering experienced by sexual abuse victims and survivors. For decades the attorneys of the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian have pursued justice and truth for victims and survivors. The attorneys of the Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian have been successful in obtaining compensation for victims and survivors. Nothing can turn back the clock to undo the harm that a sexual abuser inflicts. The civil legal system provides only one private remedy in the law—

  • Monetary compensation to the victim and survivor

But before the abuse can be addressed, the abuse, often buried, repressed, suppressed or hidden for years, must be brought to light. Mitchell Garabedian's work has been the subject of newspaper articles, books, television programs, and a movie. Mitchell Garabedian was portrayed by actor Ted Danson in Our Fathers which highlighted Mitchell Garabedian’s historic struggle with Father John J. Geoghan and Cardinal Bernard Law, as well as their employers, the Archdiocese of Boston and the Catholic Church. On the A&E TV program Sins of a Priest: The John J. Geoghan Story, Mitchell Garabedian’s efforts to expose the sexual abuse secrets of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston were described by Boston Globe Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Walter Robinson: “Mitchell Garabedian, by going to court and filing suit, essentially pried open Pandora’s box."

If your sexual abuser is or was in a position of trust or authority, you are not alone

The Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian did the groundbreaking work in the Boston clergy sexual abuse cases that involved bringing to justice Father John J. Geoghan and other sexual abusers, as well as their employers, including the Archdiocese of Boston. The Law Offices of Mitchell Garabedian represents sexual abuse victims of all ages, including children, adults, and adults who were abused when they were children by sexual abusers of all walks of life, such as teachers, coaches, priests, scout leaders, neighbors, relatives, or other adults who abused their trust or authority.

Be empowered; come forward; empower others; make the world a safer place for children; let us help you obtain justice

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